Ko Tao Food Trails

by Kshitij Mittal / Tuesday, 23 February 2016 / Published in Destinations, food, Koh tao

Ko Tao attracts people from all over the world, and needless to say, it also serves food from all over. Be it curries, pizzas or stakes, Ko Tao will not disappoint! However, as a traveller, I always prefer to eat the local food of a place. In Thailand, this means experiencing with a wide range of curries and Phad Thai noodles. I started off with a veggie green curry with rice. Green curry is an evergreen favourite dish, and therefore it had to be the food I tried in Ko Tao! This was followed by a Jungle Curry for dinner and a Massaman the next day.

Thailand has curries to suite every palate and every pocket; you just have to find the one that for you!lung pae


During my week long stay in Ko Tao, I experimented with food at a lot of places. One of the most incredible experiences I had was at Lung Pae Restaurant. This restaurant is on the hill and at a bit of a distance from Sairee beach. To make up for this, they provide you a



Koh Tao Food Trails (1)complimentary pickup and drop off! But wait up, they didn’t randomly choose a location on the hill and so far away from the tourists. Each dining table in this restaurant has an incredible view of Ko Tao, its harbour and the ocean. Breathtaking is an understatement for the view from this restaurant. The restaurant serves some very fine meat dishes and seafood, and is very accommodating of the dietary requirements of vegetarians! This experience is not one to be missed!
Raiding the streets of Ko Tao for some local street food is an absolute must! If you’re a fresh fruit fan, the streets of Thailand are your Disneyland…and Ko Tao is not different! Fruit, noodles, curried and crepes…they sell it all! A far cry from their American counterpart, Thai crepes are very different. Prepared on almost all street corners, Banana and nutella crepes or ones with mango and cream make the perfect after party snack! Not so light on the stomach, but very light on the pocket. If you’re travelling in Thailand, you will most certainly encounter these ever so famous crepes at some point.