SCUBA Diving Mexico (Cenote ChacMool) – Underwater Airdome

by Kshitij Mittal / Tuesday, 08 March 2016 / Published in Destinations, fun diving, mexico, Mexico

65 Million years ago meteor came and hit the earth, fabled to have wiped out all dinosaurs in the world, creating the crecent shape of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico

This meteor created fissures in the crust of the earth which over time became “Cenotes” or “Blue Holes”. These are basically holes in the middle of the forest or land that go down to a particular depth and then split into a wide multi-kilometer cave system that ends up into the ocean. These huge pits of water contain the geological history of earth almost 65 Million years old by way of Stalactities and fossil remains!!

In 2014, we took a unique group of certified SCUBA Divers from all age group (12-60) to dive these amazing cenotes and one of the most memorable parts was the airdome in Cenote Chacmool. Once you enter the Cenote from the surface, after a short swim of 20 minutes, you come up into an underwater fresh-air dome where you could see the roots of the forest above! It truly was a magical sight


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