15 August 2017 | Mumbai
This Independence Day, we gift 8 paraplegic soldiers freedom from their wheelchair!


SCUBA Diving is a universal equalizer. Weather you are a 10 year old child, an old lady or a person with disability, underwater we are all weightless and the slightest movement of a hand or a leg is enough to move us forward. We believe "Everyone can Dive!”

Our jawans on the lines battle the harshest conditions so we can enjoy “Freedom”. We would like to give back by taking our jawans (who have become paraplegic in the line of duty) SCUBA Diving and gift freedom from the wheelchair!

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Everyone Can Dive!


Everyone Can Dive!
Mumbai Underwater Festival 2017


Meet the divers and instructors!

Suresh Kumar Karki
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Naik - 2/9 Gorkha Rifles

Date of Incident: 07 Jul 2004

Its a day i can never forget. My friend was shot by the ULFA and i was on the rescue mission for him. During the ride back in the ambulance, a civilian bus came and hit us causing 2 deaths immediately and leaving me with a D6/D7 spinal cord injury and wheelchair bound for the rest of my life. My friend fortunately was saved with only scratches and survived his bullet wound.

Min Bahadur Thapa
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Date of Incident: 30th Jan 2004

I was on my way to the india china border. We were travelling in a civillian van through UP when a bunch of goons got into the bus to rob the Passengers. I stepped up to stop them but in the process they shot me in the neck. The bullet severd by spinal cord at the D3/D4 Vertebre leaving me paralysed below the chest. I now swim freestyle, backstroke and looking forward to SCUBA Diving as a sport.

Tapas Kumar Roy
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Date of Incident: 30th Jun 2010

I was on-duty in Siligudy when a road traffic accident left me paralised below the chest. I have been confined to the wheelchair since then and I am a proud player of both para-badminton and para basketball.

Naina Singh Thapa
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Date of Incident: Feb 2000

I sustained an injulry to the D2 verterbre of the spinal cord leaving me paralysed below the waist. I am a part of the Indian para basketball team and looking forward to learning SCUBA Diving as a sport.

Amol Boriwale
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Ex - PTR

Date of Incident: 30 Dec 2006

A claymore mine blast in rajori, Jammu and Kashmir left me with a C9-C10 vertebrae damage and made me wheelchair bound. I cannot wait to dive at 15th August!

Kshitij Mittal
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DDI SCUBA Diving Instructor

I have always been attracted to the waters for as long as I can imagine. I was first introduced to the beautiful world beneath the waves in 2004 when I dived for the first time. Having dived from Maldives to Taiwan and from Egypt to Bali, I have always been fascinated by the uniqueness of each dive site. After becoming a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and experiencing the world beneath the surface, I have now made it my aim to share my passion with everyone around!

Chique Fernandez
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Dive Master

Her first dive in 2006 got her hooked. Leaving marine research behind, in 2014 she decided to pursue her diving career full time and has been working as a dive master ever since. Working with kids and adults alike, she especially loves teaching them about the interesting and unusual aspects of the underwater world. Her passion for diving is infectious and rubs off on all around her.  She has always wanted to explore more and her love for diving has taken her from the Cenotes to Cebu. She believes that every place is as fascinating as the next!

What's the plan?

Date: Tuesday, 15th Aug 2017, 12 Noon Onwards
Venue: Prabodhan Thackeray Krida Sankul, VIle Parle (E), Mumbai

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8 paraplegic soldiers will be accompanied by 8 able-bodied people on a SCUBA dive in a 17ft deep swimming pool


We are looking to raise Rs. 2 lakh to conduct this campaign successfully. The money will be used to secure the venue, arrange for the transport of the divers, professional fees of the instructors, DDI certification expenses of the head instructor and outreach. Kindly contribute / share / spread the word to help make our vision a reality.