What is Octopush?

Octopush is a non-contact sport played in the swimming pool by 6 persons each side and 4 substitutes. Each player dons a Fin, Mask and Snorkel to help them move in the water and push a "Puck" at the bottom of the pool. The two teams battle underwater to push, steal and goal in the other person's team.

We invite you to come play this amazing sport with us!

History of Octopush

  • 1954: Underwater hockey was created by Alan Blake in Southsea, (Portsmouth, UK) and named "octopus". It was first developed as a winter activity for scuba divers to keep fit.
  • 1945-55: The first competitions among clubs were held in the 1954/55 winter.
  • In March 1955: The first invited public demonstration was held at the Portsmouth City Baths in the Southsea BS-AC Gala.The sport spread quickly to South Africa, France, Canada, and Australia and then to the rest of the world.

Single Game Session

Come play one game with us on any of our game days. Although this is a game that takes a few sessions before one can start truly playing underwater, the first session is a good introduction to Octopush! Please contact us to know about our schedule or to book a specific gameday for your group.



  • Fins Rental
  • Mask Rental
  • Snorkel Rental


  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Swimming Cap

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