Sipadan is a small island on Borneo Malaysia. It has had no interraction with humans for decades now and hence a beautiful underwater reef has grown making it one of the TOP 5 Dive Sites of the WORLD. What more, there is an OIL RIG converted into a luxury dive centre. This is truly a Once in a lifetime experience!!

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  • Sipadan
  • Rs. 1,00,000 per 6 Nights excl flights and taxes
  • Flights - Rs. 45,000/- Mumbai - Lombok Return Fare (Mumbai - Tawau)
  • Airport Transfers - Rs. 2,500/- (as per (Semporna - Tawau))
  • Diving and Accommodation on Oil Rig - Rs. 86,000/- Standard AC En-suite - twin share (as per Sea-Ventures OIL Rig)
  • Tawau Accomodation - Rs. 4,000 for one night
  • Sipadan Permits - Rs. 2,000/- Sipadan Permits
  • Others - Rs. 2,000/- per day drinks and local transport costs

Standard Itinerary




Twin Share. Air Conditioned ex-suite accommodation with hot water. Available in both twin and double settings

Captains Cabin (+25,000 INR/person) : AC rooms, double bed with television and larger area. (Check out the hotel here)


Dive Sites


Barracuda Point : Perhaps the crown jewel of Sipadan diving, one can see giant schools of jacks, barracudas and sharks with turtles moving in giant tornadoes.

Turtle Tomb : Lesser known fact, Sipadan has an underwater cave on the island. With the right training, one can visit this cave and see skeletons of various animals who ventured in but couldn't find their way out of the cave

Mabul and Kapalai : The close-by islands are a heaven for macro critter lovers. For those that enjoy searching for alien looking minute creatures, these islands hold the ornate ghost pipe fish, pygmy seahorse, mimic octopus and the flambuoyant cuttlefish amongst many others.

Seaventures House-reef: RIght below the Rig is a vibrant reef built by purpose sunk objects to help corals grow. Find a buddy, jump over for a dive, when you are done just get a lift upto your rig


The Oil Rig is an all inclusive experience in itself. There are daily boats at regular schedules to go to other islands and back to Borneo Malaysia for any errands.

Food - All meals are provided on-board the Rig. Although not lavish, the food is most definitely delicious and sea-food is fresh. All meal preferences are pre-recorded to give you the best experience.

Island Tours: the nearby islands of Mabul and Kapalai are quite the cultural visit also with a very different lifestyle of the borneo water villages. DID YOU KNOW : Every friday, there is a screening of a Bollywood Shah-rukh-khan film on the villages.

Onboard Activities : There is a full fledged recreational room on the rig including pool, ping pong and a viewing theater.



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