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  • Havelock, Andamans, India
  • Rs. 46,500 per 6 Nights excl. flights and taxes
  • Flights - Rs. 30,000/- Mumbai - Port Blair Return Fare (as per MakeMyTrip)
  • Transfers - Rs. 2,500/- Port Blair Airport to Havelock and back including auto and ferry (as per Experience Andamans Website)
  • Accommodation - Rs. 3,000/- per night for a fan-cooled room on a single sharing basis in tented cabanas (as per
  • SCUBA Certification - Rs. 26,000 including 4 dives, certification and all charges
  • Others - Rs. 1,500/- per day for Food, drinks and local transport costs (TripAdvisor)

Standard Itinerary




We strongly recommend you stay close to the dive center. Options:

Budget-Range: About Rs. 500 per person. Fan cooled room. Shared bathrooms and showers.

Mid-Range: About Rs. 1000 per person. Fan cooled room. Attached washroom and hot water.

High-Range: About Rs. 3000 per person. Fan cooled tented cabanas. Attached washroom and hot water.

(Check out all accommodation options here)

Extra Diving

PADI Advanced Open Water Course: Rs. 20,000 (5 dives, 2 more days)

Fun Dives: Rs. 5500 per 2 dives.

For fun dives after your certification, the dive sites we service are:

Dixon's Pinnacle, Johnnie's Gorge, V16, The Wall, Lighthouse, Jackson's Bar, Minerva, Pilot Reef, and many more. Please get in touch with us for more information.


Jungle Trek: almost 75% of the island is covered with a lush green forest cover and some jungle trails exist so you can witness the beautiful topside bio-diversity. The island is known for endemic species existing only in Andamans, some only in havelock which you can witness on your terk. Cost: Free! (More Information)

Sunset on Radhanagar Beach:Voted as the best sunset beach of Asia in 2006, the beach is made of powdered white sand and a view to kill for. Make sure you take your camera for some exceptional pictures. Cost: Free! (More Information)

Kayaking: Rs. 2500/- for 2 hours. (More Information)


Step 1: Choose a destination
Choose where you want to go.

Step 2: Choose the kind of diving
Choose whether you want to do an introductory dive, a certification course or a fun dive (if you are certified).

Step 3: Go Finkick!
Contact us and we will book the diving for you. You can book the flights, accommodation and transfers using the above information. There'll be no extra charge apart from whats mentioned above.

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[As On 26 August 2016] All foreign visitors to India need a visa. Some countries have been allowed visa on arrival. Since visa rules keep changing from time to time, please get all information from here

We understand that it might look like a lot of work. We can help you arrange for your pick-up and drop-off to and from the airport to the Jetty including the tickets for the ferry. Alternatively, you can get all the information here

Unfortunately, there is no other way to get to Havelock!

If you want to do an intro to scuba program or an Open Water course, you can come at any time of the year. The sites that you visit as part of these programs are accessible year long and not that significantly affected by weather (tides and phase of the moon play a bigger role). Do keep in mind that unlike mainland monsoons, rainy season in the Andamans typically means frequent short showers – only occasionally do we have long, heavy rains (and that too, usually at night). So you can still have a very enjoyable holiday here, even in the monsoons.

For certified divers, the traditional peak dive season in the Andamans has been from December to May – the sun is (usually!) shining, the seas are flat and visibility is at its best during this period. June and July are monsoons – this means that some days, the seas are very rough and we cannot go very far. Other days, it is calm and sunny, and the diving is surprisingly good.

The September to November period is becoming the “hidden season” when it comes to scuba diving in the Andamans – yes, there are occasional to regular rains, and the seas are marginally choppier than what it would be in March or April, but the fishlife is mindboggling – enormous schools of fish occupy your entire vision, turtle and manta sightings are common and the reefs buzz with excitement and action. All our dive staff agrees that the diving during this period is the best that they’ve ever done in their years in the Andamans. So if you are interested in really primo diving, but without crowds and with the moderate risk of being limited in the choice of dive sites due to weather, consider coming in this time period.

In the past few years, June has not had a lot of rains and has pretty much become an extension of the peak season. August is a bit of an unusual month – it has been raining a little more than normal the past few years, but the seas haven’t been too rough, and the diving has been very good at this time. For advanced divers, it is likely to be hit or miss – the diving is superb, but we may not be able to visit our highlight deep sites at this time.

A word of warning, however: weather conditions are becoming more and more erratic these days, and we are having more “nice days” in the so-called off-season and more “rough days” in the peak season. The above is meant to be indicative, based on recent trends, but we really have no way of predicting the impact of climate change. here

Source: DiveIndia (linked above)

Getting to Havelock feels like a pilgrimage. Once you get here, you are left spellbound by the beauty around you. The island has a very laid back feel to it and can be enjoyed by everyone. It is generally quiet with certain places that are good hangout spots for the night owls. However, if your main agenda is to party - Havelock might not be the right place.