With tempting lava tube swim-through caves and diverse marine life, there's really no such thing as a typical Hawaiian dive. What divers experience in the Cathedrals, two massive caverns near Lanai, is completely different from diving the Back Wall of Molokini Crater near Maui, where from December to May, the calls of humpback whales chill their spines

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  • Hawai'i
  • Rs. 3,40,000 per 11 Nights excl. flights and all taxes
  • Flights - Rs. 1,00,000/- Mumbai-Honolulu, Honolulu-Maui Return Fare (as per Mumbai-Honolulu Honolulu-Maui)
  • Maui
  • Accommodation - Rs. 14,000/- per night in 4*property (
  • Airport Transfer - Taxi as per distance to Hotel
  • 2x Dives at Molokini Backwall - Rs. 14,000/-
  • 2x Drift Dives at Lanai'i - Rs. 12,000/-
  • night Dive - Rs. 10,000/-
  • 3x Hammerhead Dives - Rs. 14,000/-
  • 2x Dives inside Molokini Crater - Rs. 11,500/-
  • Hana Road TripRead More - Rs. 11,500/-
  • Kona, Big Island Hawai'i
  • FlightMaui-Kona - Rs. 7,000/-
  • Kona helicopter TourKnow more - Rs. 49,000/-
  • Accommodation - ~200$ per night in 4 star hotel at city centre (as per
  • Pelagic Magic Night Dive - Rs. 12,600/-
  • Manta Night Dive - Rs. 12,500/-
  • Volcano tour - Rs. 14,000/- one way (as per Know more)
  • Waterfall excursion - Rs. 14,000/- one way (as per Know more)

Standard Itinerary




Hotels in Hawai'i can be expensive if you wish to stay in luxury or relatively cheap if you dont mind a back-packer dorm. Taxis and internal transfers can be very expensive so keep in mind if you dont rent a car, stay close to the dive-centre ;)

Maui : Your Dive-centre is on the north tip of the island in a small town of Lahaina. Stay close to avoid long drives though, these drives are extremely scenic

Big Island : As the name suggests, the island is pretty big. You want to stay as close as possible to the town of Kona. Its not as bustling as the more poppular towns like Honolulu but plenty of things to do

Extra Diving

Hawai'i is an in the middle of a belt of active and dormant volcanoes. This makes for some very unique dive sites. The waters and reefs are also unique here in terms of what you see. unlike other areas, most corals here are hard corals missing the vibrant colours of a south-east asian reef but the waters here are one of the clearest in the world with almost 30mt visilbility and the chances to see large palegic creatures not seen anywhere else!

Molokini CraterThe Molokini crater is the remenant of an old exploded volcano that has now been engulfed by the ocean. Its now a marine national park with some exceptional reefs and waters in Hawai'i. 

Molokini backwallAn advanced dive, the Molokini Wall is a World Class Wall and Drift dive for certified divers only. The Wall is approximately 280ft in depth, however, divers will level off at 80 ft or less. You may see white tip, black tip, and/or gray reef sharks; manta rays, dolphins, and schooling fish. This is a very exciting dive beause of the sheer, vertical wall and blue water. Divers should have recent diving experience, good buoyancy control, and be good on air consumption

Hammerhead DiveHammerheads are one of the most elusive of the shark species. They mostly stay in deep waters hunting with a highly evolved electro receptors in their "hammer- heads". Its very rare to see these creatures as they always move in groups and very shy of humans. The depth and currents of Maui are perfect to spot these elusive creatures

Pelagic MagicOur deep oceans are full of jelly-like pelagic creatures that live in a depth of 3-8kms underwater. These creatures live in the black water with no light all their life and have evolved in such a way to adapt to these surroundings.Imagine being suspended from a boat at 10 in the night, all these creatures come up to the surface and you get to see things that even science might be seeing for the first time!!!Voted as the best night dive of the world!

Manta Night DiveManta Rays are incredible creatures. they are gently and most graceful of all underwater creatures. We go to a famous manta feeding spot and set up lights underwater. All divers sit in a circle pointing their torches upwards and snorkelers downwards creating a column of light. This brings about plankton and after a while mantas swoop in and literally do a dance for you feeding on the unknowing plankton in the water. *Manta Sightings guaranteed


Road Trip to HanaThis is probably one of the most famous road-trips of the world. Travel along the coast of Maui going through lava tubes, waterfalls, amazing scenery and sea caves to cover a beautiful part of the island

Kona Helicopter : The big is land of Hawai'i is the perfect combination of volcanic mountains (yes thats correct flowing lava underneath), lush green forests and spectacular waterfalls. Imagine seeing all this from a bird's eye view flying in a helicopter.

Waterfall Tour : The mountainous topography and tropical rainfall, gives rise to waterfalls big and small all over the island. take a scenic route and stop where you see one to take a small hike and a dip. Its certainly an experience not to be missed!

Twilight Volcano Tour : Hawaiian Islands are volcanic in nature with flowing lava beneath the island. At dusk, one can spot the lava glow emanating from various cracks on the island and if you are very lucky, catch the mesmerizing sight of lava flowing into the ocean.


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