Mexico is an incredible expedition both above and below water. The cultural history of the Mayans, the Aztecs and the Toltecs is mysterious and can be explored in the ruins on land or underwater caves that were holy for them. The island of Cozumel boasts the clearest waters we have ever experienced and the underwater Museum in Cancun is certainly a once in a lifetime experience
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  • Mexico
  • Rs. 2,42,000 per 14 Nights excl. flights and all taxes
  • Flights - Rs. 75,000/- Mumbai - Cancun Return Fare (as per MakeMyTrip)
  • Cancun
  • Accommodation - Rs. 10,000/- per night in *property on Hotel street(as per (
  • Airport Transfer - Rs. 2,800/- one way (as per Airport Taxi)
  • 2x Dives at Isla Mujeres - Rs. 7,700/-
  • 2x Dives at Underwater Museum - Rs. 7,700/-
  • Day trip to Chichen Itza - Rs. 5,600/- (as per Day Trip Chichen Itza)
  • Cozumel
  • Transfer to Cozumel - Rs. 2,100/- one way (as per LandFerry)
  • 2x Dives at Punta Sur - Rs. 14,000/-
  • Night Dive at Cozumel - Rs. 7,700/-
  • 2x Dives at Devil's throat - Rs. 14,000/-
  • Accommodation - ~150$ per night in star hotel at city centre (as per
  • Playa Del Carmen (PDC)
  • Ferry to PDC - Rs. 2,100/- one way (as per Ferry Schedule)
  • Accommodation ~ 120$ per night in star property (as per
  • Cenote Dos Ojos - Rs. 13,000/-
  • Cenote The Pit - Rs. 15,500/-
  • Cenote Angelita - Rs. 14,000/-
  • Tulum Ruin's Day trip - Rs. 8,400/- per person (as per Tulum Ruins)
  • PDC - Cancun (Land Transfer) - Rs. 2,100/- one way

Standard Itinerary




Cancun: Hotel street is well known for some amazing hotels to stay and relax at. This is also centrally located to all the clubs and restaurants in Cancun. If you are a group 4 or more, look at booking a villa in "del sol" region. Cheaper and personal

Cozumel :  The large congregation of hotels are close to the pier but pre-booking your accommodation is highly advised. If in large groups, book a villa on the beach for better prices and the dive boat will come and pick you from your private jetty ;)

Playa Del Carmen: A small town compared to the others, this still retains its local feel of a mexical town. Book a place close to the town centre in your budget to be close to the restaurants

Extra Diving

Cancun (MUSA)One avid conservationist and artist "Jason De Claires" is creating an underwater museum that can only be visited by SCUBA Divers. He is sinking in thousands of sculptures left right and centre made of special clay on which the corals grow. This helps rebuild the dying eco-systems and bring awareness through art. Its most certainly a once in a lifetime experience!

Cozumel (Devil's throat): Known for its crystal clear waters (50+mt visibility) and large caves and swim-through's formed specially by corals itself. The region is also famous for its sightings of whales and bull sharks but only in the right season ;)

Only for advance certified divers with 30+ dives, this is the most famous dive at Cozumel. An underwater cavern swimthru perfectly in the shape of the human disgestive track. Move through the throat to reach an underwater dome or the "stomach"

Cenote's of Mexico : Millions of years ago, a meteor came and hit earth wiping off the dinosaurs. This impact created riffs and small caves on land. Over years, these limestone caves filled-up with freshwater and tunnels were naturally formed taking water back to the oceans. These caves and dives are not for everyone but anyone who dares to venture in with the proper training can get a glimpse into the future of earth itself and visit an area that hasnt been disturbed since the time of the dinosours.



Chichen Itza:Chichén Itzá is a world-famous complex of Mayan ruins on Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula. A massive step pyramid known as El Castillo dominates the 6.5-sq.-km. ancient city, which thrived from around 600 A.D. to the 1200s. Graphic stone carvings survive at structures like the ball court, Temple of the Warriors and the Wall of the Skulls. Nightly sound-and-light shows illuminate the buildings' sophisticated geometry. (More about the activity here)

Tanah Lot Tour: Rs. 1500 (More about the activity here)

Mayan Ruins of Tulum: The mayan ruins of Tulum are very unique, they are right next to the ocean on one of the most beautiful beaches of the area. The mayans were a very advance race and used water, the tides and currents, even the reefs to their advantage to make a natural fortress.  (More about the activity here)

(Prices depend upon number of people and other additions). More activities are available with us. Get in touch!


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