TRIP PLANNER - Mt. Lavinia

Sri Lanka has always held a key geographical location connecting the west to the east and hence a very popular trading spot. There are estimated to be over 200 shipwrecks around the coast of Sri Lanka and about 15 odd wrecks have been found right off the coast of Colombo from the tiny village of Mt. Lavinia. 

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  • Mt. Lavinia
  • Rs. 55,000 per 6 Nights excl flights and taxes
  • Flights - Rs. 30,000/- Mumbai - Colombo Return Fare (Mumbai - Sri Lanka)
  • Airport Transfers - Rs. 5,000/- (as per Airport-Hotel-Airport)
  • Diving - Rs. 32,000/- including 4 dives, certification and all charges
  • Accommodation - Rs. 3,000/- per night Standard AC En-suite - twin share (as per
  • Others - Rs. 2,000/- per day drinks and local transport costs

Standard Itinerary




Budget : Mount Bay, a 2* property close to the dive centre with clean en-suite fan cooled accomodation (~2000Rs)

Mid Range : Ranweli Resort, 3-4* property with en-suite air conditioned rooms and a more comfortalble experience Ranveli

Luxury : Mount Lavinia Hotel, with a history of 100 years, this is an old english property converted into a 5* hotel with views to kill for Mount Lavinia Hotel

Dive Sites

Shipwrecks make some amazing reefs underwater. When they sit on a sandy patch, a vibrant coral reef grows there over time and all fishes congregate on these wrecks from the nearby areas to take shelter. Along with these wrecks, Mt Lavinia has some amazing reefs too.

Pecheur Breton (Cargo Wreck) :Popularly known as the Cargo Wreck it was recently confirmed as the MV Pecheur Breton, a French vessel that floundered in 1994 while carrying scrap to India. This is a large intact ship lying on its starboard side with easy penetration into its cargo holds.

Chief Dragon (Car Wreck) :An iconic wreck dive in Colombo and for long known simply as the Car Wreck, the Chief Dragon is a 112m long car transport vessel located northwest of Colombo Harbor. The upper sections of the ship are broken up and lie scattered over a large area but the main hull remains intact and upright

Palagala:Just 800m from the beach this is our house reef where we do most of our Open Water training dives. The reef is a rocky ridge parallel to the shore with an abundance of nudibranchs, scorpianfish, pipefish, octopi and other macro subjects. The seaward edge of the reef is covered in small sea fans and lobsters and stingrays can be found under ledges and overhangs.


Sri Lanka have a very interesting culture. With close proximity to us, we have shared history with this island since time immemorial. You will be pleasantly surprised to see the similarities as well as differences with the people and the place.

Food - Sri Lankan food can be spicy. It is also flavour-full and a decent amount to finish. Make sure you try out the "kuttu-Roti" and "ice-milo" off the local shops

Dutch Hospital: the place is nothing as the name suggests. A local landmark, spend an evening at this mall with some live music and dancing out in the square during the evenings. this is also a very poppular place for sri lankans to come when there is a sporting event like a cricket match, dont miss it!!



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